Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘I’ fortnight

To be honest, when I started this fortnight’s playlist of metal for the letter I, I couldn’t think of anything other than Iron Maiden. For a while, it was my only thought. Beyond knowing they would be the first band in my list, I got caught on which Iron Maiden song to pick as the song I selected to represent them.

Once I got past that difficult choice, the rest actually fell into place relatively easily.

I will admit that my choice for a single Iron Maiden track probably isn’t an obvious or respectable one. But I have always just loved the brilliance of the simple riff that forms the best part—in my opinion at least—of the track Children of the Damned.

I love that track’s musical flow.

Anyhow, after selecting that track for Iron Maiden, the rest of the playlist followed its own simple flow. One band lead to another through my own band selections in my Google Play Music music library. After those listings ran out it was one awesome recommendation after another from the awesomeness that is Google Play Music.

But, as with previous fortnightly entries, I was given some suggestions from some exceptional colleagues of mine. This fortnight I once again learned about some new bands—Google Play Music is surely struggling to work out the pattern to my musical tastes—while also being reminded of some awesome rock tracks that I’d almost forgotten about.

There’s one track I’d like to single out from this list. I’ll follow that up with something I don’t believe I’ve done in one of these Blog posts either. An embedded video of another band covering that song. It’s sort of outside the rules of the alphabet playlists, but as this is my article series, I can rewrite the rules anytime I like.

I’m welcome.

INXS was a very successful Australian rock band. They even managed to find fame and recognition overseas. Never really my cup of tea—mostly because I dislike tea—there was one song of theirs I always loved. Don’t Stop—that’s the track name, not a request to keep reading.

So when another Australian band covers this epic song in a way that makes that song heavier, I will take that as a very good thing. Here is that awesomeness for your enjoyment.

If excellence was food, that cover would be called awesome-sauce.

Back to the official listing of I band track listings though …

The I list

  • Iron Maiden—Children of the Damned
  • In This Moment—Whore
  • INXS—Don’t Change
  • I Killed the Prom Queen—Thirty One & Sevens
  • In Hearts Wake—Earthwalker
  • Invent, Animate—Celestial Floods
  • I, The Breather—Forgiven
  • I See Stars—Murder Mitten
  • Ice Nine Kills—A Grave Mistake
  • I Am Giant—Purple Heart

That’s a much more respectable list than last fortnight. It’s also a lot more metal. I like I.

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