Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘H’ fortnight

I read an article recently that said Internet users have short attention spans. Long paragraphs get lost on people and nobody cares to read too much before getting to the point.

Luckily this fortnight’s playlist of alphabetical music is short and sweet. I could only find six seven H bands I liked enough to include in a playlist.

I was given a lot more suggestions than I’d received in previous article entries. I just didn’t like a lot of them enough to continue listening to them in a short playlist on repeat for two weeks.

One interesting piece of information though is that every person who gave me something for this H article had one thing in common. Hole.

Honestly though, I was surprised to not find more bands that started with the letter H. It’s Heavy metal after all. Surely there should be more awesome bands that start with heavy, hell or heaven.

Maybe not that last one.

So, keeping this short and sweet—therefore readable—here is the playlist.

The H list

  • Hole—Awful
  • HIM—Wings of a Butterfly
  • Hobo Magic—Hobo Magic
  • The Hives—Tick Tick Boom
  • The Hard Aches—Glad That You’re Gone
  • Holy Serpent—Bury Me Standing
  • Hellyeah—Moth

I was tempted to choose Celebrity Skin for the Hole track as I love that song’s intro, but that seemed too predictable. The HIM song is possibly predictable, but I love that track.

Last minute edit. Almost as soon as I published this post, a suggestion was given to me on Twitter that helped me realise I’d forgotten Hellyeah. Shame on me. Omission corrected.

The rest … it’s good, but I am already keen to move on to the I list. Until next time.

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