Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘K’ fortnight

A few things happened when putting this entry together in my alphabet playlist of metal. First, I realised I’ve loved a good dual guitar attack in a metal band for a very long time now. Secondly, I discovered that the letter K was another letter that brought me a more limited result when building the playlist. Finally, I discovered that this limitation made me write another late blog post.

Sorry about that.

When it comes to favourite bands, there aren’t honestly a lot that start with the letter K. But that’s cool. This fortnight I discovered a few new bands and that was always going to be a part of the journey.

I’ve also started generating a little more interest in my list from work friends. That’s been great and certainly opened my ears to some new experiences. I’m not sure that my music is getting into their musical palettes though. Give it time.

I’d say that this list goes from music that I’d call borderline pop/rock to proper metal. I’ll favourite the heavier stuff, but I’m still giving the rest of it a go.

Would you?

The K list

  • Kingdom of Giants—Bleach
  • KISS—Detroit Rock City
  • Korn—Freak on a Leash
  • Krokus—Eat the Rich
  • Keel—Somebody’s Waiting
  • King Kobra—Hunger
  • Kasabian—Underdog
  • Killers—Mr. Brightside
  • Killing Heidi—Weir
  • Knocked Loose—Counting Worms
  • Killswitch Engage—Unbroken
  • Kryptos—Afterburner
  • Kula Shaker—Hey Dude

Some tracks I’d highlight in that list—for differing reasons—would include Weir by Killing Heidi, Freak on a Leash by Korn and Detroit Rock City by KISS. All totally different songs, but all killer tracks.

Killer starts with K. Seems fitting, right?!

Enjoy the music.

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