Steve Case CD artwork—Wooden Grove

Back on 01 April this year I wrote about the CD artwork I had done for Steve Case. It may have been April Fool’s Day, but the article was deadly serious. I live in Australia by the way, so I know a thing or two about deadly. Well it’s 01 November now and I’m here to tell you that I’ve successfully created another piece of CD artwork for Steve Case. I’m like a graphic designer or something. Seriously (because there’s no such thing as November Fools).

The packaging for this CD isn’t in the standard CD jewel casing. No, this CD is being sold in a cardboard packaging piece. I love it. It suits the design perfectly. What is the design? Well it’s a design based on a leather bound journal or handbook. You can see black and white imagery below. The same imagery in evil colour can be seen on Steve’s Blog post about the CDs.

The intention of the artwork is to make the CD appear more personal. One of the things Steve wanted to do was intentionally leave the inner-right panel of the CD case blank. This allows him to write his name and number on the CD case for groupies and record company executives alike. I’m a groupie and I’m looking forward to getting my very own signed copy. “Make mine out to Jason”.

Enjoy the artwork. If you’re in Australia, buy the CD. It’s the only way you’ll get this collection of tracks.

Steve Case CD artwork—Wooden Grove
Steve Case CD artwork—Wooden Grove

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