BakTrak—The ultimate MP3 backing track pedal

If you’re a guitarist who likes to use non-guitar introductions (such as keyboard tracks) in your song writing/performing, then you may very well be interested in the BakTrak pedal. The BakTrak pedal is a three-in-one background music device that you can use while practicing at home, or while performing live on stage. From what I can determine, it’s a pretty sturdy little unit.

The pedal has these three functions.

  1. Play
  2. Loop
  3. BakTrak

The Play feature allows you play/pause up to 48 backing tracks. The Loop feature allows you to loop tracks (that’s a wild guess I took) and the BakTrak feature allows you to take the backing track back in time (in ten second increments). That last feature makes it a pretty handy practice tool. Except it’s not handy … Because you use your feet allowing you to keep your hands where they belong—on your guitar.

The backing tracks can be either MP3s or WAVs (depending on the unit you purchase) and they’re stored on a micro SD card inside the pedal unit. One thing I like about the pedal range is the variety of design styles you have (with knob choices). There’s quite a lot of pedals to choose from it seems.

I’m yet to find a video of the pedals in use, but from what I’ve read and seen on the BakTrak pedal website, this unit looks like a useful tool and a good bit of fun. Perfect!

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