Schecter releases the Hellwin amplifier series by Synyster Gates

Schecter Amplification announced the debut of their Hellwin amplifiers by Synyster Gates today. The amplifiers are a collaboration between Schecter, Synyster Gates and amp designer James Brown. The first model released is the Hellwin USA 100 which is a custom built 100 watt, all tube monster of an amplifier. It looks just amazing. 

Here’s the official list of features:

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Collaboration between Synyster Gates and Schecter Amplification
  • Co-created with renowned amp designer James Brown, the Hellwin has rich bloodlines and is destined to be a rock classic
  • 100 watt / All Tube Design (MIDI Switchable)
  • Three Channels w/ Independent EQ and Gain Boost
  • Front Panel Custom Noise Gate
  • Innovative Active/Passive inputs
  • 4 position ‘Focus’ Control
  • Four Celestion Vintage-30 Speakers 16ohm
  • Baltic Birch Solid Construction
  • Mono or Stereo
  • Angle and Straight design

Impressive right? I look forward to hearing this amplifier when people start to release video/audio reviews.

I’d have liked it if they’d labelled the noise gate as Synyster Noise Gate, but the amp otherwise looks perfect to me 🙂

Schecter Hellwin amplifiers by Synyster Gates
Schecter Hellwin amplifiers by Synyster Gates

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