iRig BlueBoard by IK Multimedia

The talented people at IK Multimedia have released news of another addition to the iRig family—iRig BlueBoard. The iRig BlueBoard is the first wireless MIDI pedalboard controller for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The wireless aspect of this cool new device is managed through the power of Bluetooth. Of course you can’t see the awesome blueness of the device’s buttons on this website, but trust me, it glows with the power of blue. Perhaps it’s the Bluetooth that makes the buttons glow with such amazing blueness?! Who knows?! Not me. I just know it looks amazingly cool (which works on a whole new level because blue is a cool colour—it’s a design thing).

Here’s the official list of features for the iRig BlueBoard:

  • Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard (10m/32.8′ range)
  • 4 backlit switches for sending program, bank and other MIDI messages
  • 2 1/4″ inputs for optional expression pedals or switches that can used for sending continuous controller or on/off messages
  • BlueBoard iOS app runs in background on mobile device or Mac, and translates Bluetooth messages to MIDI
  • Runs on standard AAA batteries
  • Small enough to fit in a laptop bag

What I love about this device is very easy to articulate. You can setup banks and patches into the device which allow you to switch between presets in apps such as AmpliTube for iPad. How cool is that!?! Plug in your guitar and change your sound with your foot on the fly. Just like in the real world of live guitar playing. That’s awesome. Also you can plug in an expression pedal to manipulate your app effects (such as Wah). It just gets cooler.

Check out this YouTube video to see what I have been talking about. I want it. I’m sure you want it.

iRig BlueBoard by IK Multimedia
iRig BlueBoard by IK Multimedia

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