Pro-90 Humbucker sized P-90s by ThroBak Electronics

ThroBak Electronics has released a P-90 voiced pickup in a humbucker shell. Seems like a cool option for folks keen to get that P-90 tone without altering an existing guitar body. Well, if you have an existing body that accommodates humbuckers that is. I have plenty of those! Therefore the Pro-90 seems to be a perfect match for someone like me.

I’m someone like me!

One thing I like about this pickup is the way ThroBak Electronics go about their pickup manufacturing. They’re not only trying to generate old school tones, they’re trying to do so in a way that utilises old school pickup manufacturing techniques. The information on their P-90 page is a very interesting read.

Of course the information on the Pro-90 page is an even more exciting read. These pickups are all American made and come in either the traditional pole-screw model or the Pro-90 magnet model. Both look great and would suit most humbucker guitar models today in my opinion (for pure looks alone). Obviously the P-90 is a specific tone, so this won’t suit all styles. But from what I’ve seen and heard, I’d be keen to try one out.

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