Ibanez RGKP6—built-in distortion and a Korg mini kaoss pad 2S

Not everybody likes to see technology and guitars mix. To many people, the guitar was perfected back in the days when the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Les Paul were created. Other people like to push the envelope. Me, I’m somewhere in-between. For my guitar playing skills, I only need the basics. I have basic skills. Having said that, I love seeing what clever people come up with. Ibanez and Korg have not disappointed me with the Ibanez RGKP6 which features a built-in Korg mini kaoss pad 2S. This is not your standard guitar.

The RGKP6 comes with built-in high gain distortion which can be accessed at the flick of a switch. You can activate the distortion with or without the Korg mini kaoss pad 2S which is handy. Also handy is the 1/8″ headphone jack which is located next to the guitar’s main output jack. You can play and listen to the new funky sounds you’re generating from the privacy of your own bedroom (or closet if you’re so inclined).

Obviously the main feature of this guitar however is the ability to easily plug in the Korg mini kaoss pad 2S. If you’re not familiar with the mini kaoss pad 2S, check out this quick video.

Wait. A DJ pad that plays and manipulates samples? Are you wondering how this can be applied to a guitar? I initially wondered the same. The easiest way to answer that (or have that question answered for you) is to watch the RGKP6 video.

There you go. Video answers much better than words can in an instance like this.

I’ll be honest. I could have fun with this. I’m not saying I’d get the most out of it (on account of my previously mentioned skill level), but damn I’d enjoy playing with it.

As you can see from that last video, Ibanez and Korg have also produced a bass model (SRKP4) that appears to sound as impressive as the 6 string version.

What do you think? Technology gone too far or innovation that you could see yourself using/enjoying? I think I’m in the latter camp. But I love trying new things at least once. Especially when they’re in a black Ibanez RG model that looks awesome like this one does.

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