My next guitar

I’ve written once or twice about the Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro guitar I was ordering. That hasn’t gone to plan unfortunately on account of those being on hold and it’s looking unlikely that I’ll see that guitar (or my investment) anytime soon. This whole process has unfortunately set me back (in time and money) and I need to start my plan and save for a new guitar process from scratch. Winning the recent Moniker Guitars Ugly Guitar Contest has helped me decide what my next guitar will be. I’m just not sure when that can be.

As for the what my next guitar will be component, I’ll just say for now that I have plans to use some custom graphics on a Moniker Guitar, keep the guitar black and white (as all good guitars are) and to use some top quality parts/components. I have to say though, the upcoming additions of Schaller Da Vinci tuning pegs and burst paint jobs to the Moniker Guitars options list makes the decision process harder. So many options!—I’ve probably built six different models using the Moniker Guitars online guitar builder already.

When I know what I’m doing I’ll post here again. I’ll try to be more certain next time. Having said that, I am still hopeful the Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro Guitars get off the ground. They look like they could be an amazing guitar.

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