Monthly guitar riff video challenge … the November edition

As far as close calls go, this month’s entry in the monthly guitar riff video challenge is as close as I’ve come. As I write this, there are two hours left until the end of November. Tomorrow morning will be December. Still, as soon as I hit Publish on this post, I’m eleven months into a successful blog series. There’s one to go! Maybe I’ll start it tomorrow.

I probably won’t.

I actually recorded this track a week ago. I had to do the video recording twice which resulted in a lost day. The video angles and quality were very bad. Mostly because I watched the video and thought “I’m balding more than I realised!”

Nobody needs to see that.

This month’s video entry is a slight return to the first few entries in this series. There is only one riff style in the video. The last several videos have featured one track that covered two different riffs in the one video. I was going to do that again with this video, but while creating this month’s riff, something happened that hadn’t happened all year.

My wife was grooving alongside me as I was playing guitar.

That just never happens. The normal reaction to my guitar playing is “Do you mind?! I’m trying to watch funny cat videos on Facebook!” An understandable request. Still, when that didn’t happen last week, I thought I might be onto something here. An actual riff with groove.

It’s a simple riff and it repeats quite a few times in this just-under-two-minutes video. None the less, I still like this creation. It has potential to work nicely with the other riffs I’ve created this year. That serves as a timely reminder to why I’m doing this series. Well, one of the reasons. If all goes to the initial plan, then after the next—and last—video in the series, I’ll have twelve riffs that I’ll be able to rearrange into one potentially epic riff-fest. It could also be a total nightmare.

One more month and we’ll know either way.

The other reason for this series by the way was for twelve guaranteed blog posts for my website. That part I’ve almost completed. That’s something I suppose.

Next year I have plans for more written content than I’ve managed this year. All I have to do now is work out a way to get people to read this content. Baby steps …

12 Riffs … the November edition

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