Monthly guitar riff video challenge … the December edition

It’s been less than two weeks since I posted the November edition of my monthly guitar riff challenge and yet here we are. The December edition is here well ahead of the end of the month. I may even have a chance to attempt the end goal for this project before the year ends.

Before I get to that, why not a summary of what has been achieved with this monthly guitar riff video challenge?

When I set out on this challenge back in January, I hadn’t done a lot with my YouTube channel. That hasn’t really changed as far as YouTube success goes, but this wasn’t so much about creating some kind of unjustifiable YouTube following. This was about dedicating time to the art—I use that word very loosely when referring to my skill set—of video creation and YouTube channel management.

I have successfully uploaded videos in a semi-consistent manner all year and each video has provided easy access to previous/related videos from the series. I’m happy with that achievement.

I have also played more guitar this year than I had the year before. I even managed to sneak in some guitar while being lucky enough to travel to Canada (eh) this year.

I can’t say Canada without saying “eh”. I don’t mean it as an offensive thing. I love it. I also discovered when travelling through Western Canada that as an Australian, I sure do say “mate” a lot. I got some weird looks every time I said “Hey mate. How’s it goin’?”

Anyhow …

Twelve different riffs this year. Some better than others. I’ll be the first to admit that. I still have a desire to put all twelve riffs together in an attempt to build some kind of heavy and riff-based instrumental track—that would be the end goal I referenced earlier. What would be better would be for a few talented guitarists to lay down some lead guitar work over some parts of the track. Mostly because nobody is going to listen to my riffage for that long. 

Bass guitar and proper drum tracks would be helpful. But let’s not get overly ambitious.

Anyhow, I made it. If you’re reading this, then you made it too. Or you’re lost. Sorry about that either way. Here’s the last monthly edition of this journey I’m proud to be finishing.

2019 will be better. I promise.

One drum track … twelve riffs … the December edition

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