Gibson Les Paul 7 string

A seven string Les Paul certainly isn’t new (Epiphone have the Matt Heafy model already), but a seven string Gibson Les Paul is new. Not only is it new, it’s black and it’s beautiful. This is most likely going to be the most impressive new guitar I see this year. This appeals to me greatly. It’s not just the seven stringed awesomeness that appeals to me though. This guitar comes pre-loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups (the awesome ’59 and JB combo). This guitar is simply screaming perfection for my likes, tastes and needs.

It can’t all be about looks though. Sometimes you need a list of features to prove the awesomeness of something. Any list with more than three items in it validates the awesomeness of the item being described through the list. I can’t prove that, but I don’t know that it can be disproved either. List!

  • Mahogany body
  • Carved maple top
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 24.75″ scale length
  • Seymour Duncan ’59 (bridge) and JB (neck)
  • Coil splitting (push/pull)
  • Onboard 15dB Turbo Boost
  • Grover Keystone tuners

Awesome. I knew it. Lists never lie.

Not all things are the same as you’ll notice. For example, there are only three control knobs. This Les Paul has a master tone which I like. The space the second tone pot would normally go has been replaced with the onboard tone boost switch. Everything else is pretty much as you’d expect from a Les Paul. It just has an extra string to increase the awesomeness percentage. So if you thought Les Paul’s were perfect before, maybe the new seven string model is 116.66% Les Paul awesomeness (on account of adding an extra string to the equation).

Or maybe not, I’m not a math-magician.

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