My almost realistic six guitar wishlist

At the beginning of this year I put together a list of the five signature guitars I wished I had. As someone who has an unhealthy fascination with guitars I often find myself dreaming of the guitars I wished I had—I’m sure everybody makes a guitar wishlist of their own though. I should say that I’m lucky enough to already have a decent guitar collection and with each new acquisition I try to add something unique to my guitar family. Currently I have something from the Les Paul, Stratocaster. Telecaster and V shape ranges. Realising this got me thinking of the other iconic shapes out there that I’m yet to own.

That right there is how I decided I need at least six more guitars to round out my collection. My almost realistic six guitar wishlist

Gibson Les Paul 7 string

A seven string Les Paul certainly isn’t new (Epiphone have the Matt Heafy model already), but a seven string Gibson Les Paul is new. Not only is it new, it’s black and it’s beautiful. This is most likely going to be the most impressive new guitar I see this year. This appeals to me greatly. It’s not just the seven stringed awesomeness that appeals to me though. This guitar comes pre-loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups (the awesome ’59 and JB combo). This guitar is simply screaming perfection for my likes, tastes and needs. Gibson Les Paul 7 string

52 Guitars, week 20—Gibson Explorer Tremolo

I love it when a classic guitar has a modern twist applied to it. I love it more when that twist works! The Gibson Explorer Tremolo is such a guitar. The classic yet radical shape of the Gibson Explorer works so well with a Floyd-Rose tremolo system. They look like they should have always been together. The black and white combination used in the body and headstock paint is also a match that is made in heaven.

What’s not to love here!? 52 Guitars, week 20—Gibson Explorer Tremolo