Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘S’ fortnight

This fortnight’s entry in the alphabet playlist of metal is a cracker. It seems that the letter S is another good one when it comes to selecting band names in the rock or metal genres. This means good things for my drives to and from work for the next two weeks.

Not since my M playlist have I seen so many awesome bands in the one alphabetised list. Most of the bands I could add to this list through simple memory recall as well.

Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Slipknot, Steel Panther, Static-X, System of a Down … these are all bands I love and listen to regularly. Still, I like to use this article series as a way of introducing myself to similar bands I’ve perhaps missed previously.

So I once again used the recommendations of friends, YouTube and Google Play Music. The recommendations came fast and strong. New to me, but pleasing to discover, were bands such as Shaman’s Harvest, Saint Asonia, Savage After Midnight and September Mourning (I love this band name by the way).

So much good music this fortnight. Let’s see the complete list.

The S list

  • Saint Asonia—The Hunted (featuring Sully Erna)
  • Savage After Midnight—Unleash
  • Seether—Forsaken
  • September Mourning—Eye of the Storm
  • Shadows Fall—The Light That Blinds
  • Shallow Side—Try to Fight it
  • Shaman’s Harvest—In Chains
  • Sick Puppies—You’re Going Down
  • Silent Civilian—Rebirth of the Temple
  • Silent Descent—Psychotic Euphoric
  • Skarlett Riot—Warrior
  • Sleeping With Sirens—Break Me Down
  • Slipknot—Duality
  • Smashing Pumpkins—Cherub Rock
  • Soundgarden—Outshined
  • Spineshank—New Disease
  • Static-X—This is Not
  • Steel Panther—Death to all but Metal
  • Still Remains—The Worst is Yet to Come
  • Stitched Up Heart—Lost (featuring Sully Erna)
  • Stone Temple Pilots—Down
  • Stonefield—Delusion
  • System of a Down—B.Y.O.B.

One thing that wasn’t lost on me with this list was the fact that Sully Erna features in two tracks. Yes, Sully Erna starts with S. The only reason I didn’t include a track from Sully’s solo work was that it’s less metal or rock that his Godsmack contributions. If you’ve not heard Sully’s solo work though, go have a listen. It’s solid work!

There you have it. Another two weeks of listening pleasure. Who did I miss from your favourite bands that start with the letter S? Let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the music.

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