Alphabet playlist of metal—the ‘R’ fortnight

When I’m playing Scrabble, I generally feel pretty good about picking up the letter R. There will be plenty of words I’ll be able to make with that letter. It seems metal and rock bands don’t play a lot of Scrabble, because there were not as many popular bands as I’d have thought that start with the letter R.

After a bit of digging, I ended up with a decent list though. There’s certainly enough to keep me occupied on my drives to and from work. Thank goodness the Q playlist can be put to rest now.

With every list I’ve created in this series of alphabet playlist blog posts, there has always been a band that jumped out early. For me, RATT was that band for the letter R. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe its how much I was OK with the hair metal era. Maybe it’s because the song Round and Round features those tasty Rs.

Filling this playlist out did take some Google Play Music and YouTube research. There’s nothing wrong with that. Part of the reason for this series has been about forcing me to discover new music to listen to each fortnight. R certainly has done that.

Rob Zombie, Rage against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Raven Age were bands I added without any research. There were some bands that I rediscovered—there were some moments that made me say “Oh yeah!”—and there were some bands that I discovered for the first time when building the list.

Let’s see that complete list.

The R list

  • RATT—Round and Round
  • Rob Zombie—Dragula
  • Rage Against the Machine—Killing in the Name
  • The Raven Age—Fleur de lis
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers—Warped
  • Rush—YYZ
  • Racer X—Technical Difficulties
  • Rainbow—A Light in the Black
  • Rammstein—Rammstein
  • Rollins Band—Ghostrider
  • Rhapsody—Emerald Sword
  • Ravenface—Be Silent
  • Rise to Fall—End vs. Beginning

How good was Rainbow?! That Dio sure did work with some amazing guitarists. The guy could sing too. \m/ Dio.

I know many Red Hot Chili Pepper fans wouldn’t have chosen Warped as the song to focus on for that band. I just loved the album they did with Dave Navarro on guitar. I’m a fan of that release. No Regrets.

There you have it. The R list ends with a decent number of tunes. I’m happy to end it there. I was going to end the post by saying this is the Rs end, but I’m more mature than you’d think. Or am I?

Hahaha! Rs end.

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