The Zombie Horror Picture Show—Review

Recently I posted an Instagram photo of my newly acquired Rob Zombie Live BluRay disc The Zombie Horror Picture Show. I’d purchased it with the Megadeth Countdown to Exctinction Live DVD (it seems near impossible to get that one on BluRay). When posting the image to Twitter I was asked politely to review the concert movie. When I say politely, I mean there was talk of flash mobs and burning Gibsons. I couldn’t allow that. I love Gibsons and I hate crowds. So, here is my own review/opinion of the Rob Zombie live concert movie that is … The Zombie Horror Picture Show.

I freaking loved it.

Pretty simple really. But perhaps I should expand on that. Oh OK, I will. 

With Rob Zombie there’s much to love in my opinion. He’s a talented song writer as well as a talented movie director. This works perfectly in my household. I love heavy metal and my wife loves horror movies (which Rob Zombie does well I’m told). So we were both looking forward to this show. And a show it was. The stage show for a Rob Zombie concert is just phenomenal. The band looks amazing in their varied costumes and the stage is designed to perfection. It’s extravagant, but to a level of detail that is perfect for the show experience.

During song breaks there are often costume or stage changes that introduce new larger-than-life characters which enhance the song being performed at that moment in time. What I liked about the stage presentation though was that it was a perfect blend between show and concert. As a huge fan of John 5 I obviously don’t want the guitar parts to be overshadowed by the stage and theatrics. In my mind that didn’t happen. Each band member still managed to shine throughout the concert. And the band seems to gel perfectly.

Speaking of John 5, his solo performance at the end of Thunder Kiss ’65 is amazing. His American anthem introduction to We’re an American Band is also something worth watching. True guitar highlights.

Another important highlight for me with this disc was Rob Zombie himself. If his antics don’t make you feel alive, then you could in fact be dead. Please check for a pulse. I remain seriously amazed at how well that man sings in a live environment with the gear he wears and as active as he is on stage. Amazing.

If you get the chance to watch this concert footage, do it. I’d also suggest that if you get the chance to see the live show in person, you do so. I hope to (despite my loathing for crowds).

The Zombie Horror Picture Show
The Zombie Horror Picture Show

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