52 guitarists—the summary and the apology

For over three years now I’ve been trying my best to put together an annual list which I cleverly called the 52 series. It started with 52 guitars, followed by 52 amplifiers, 52 pedals and this year’s 52 guitarists. Last year I struggled to keep up with the weekly posts and this year is off to a very bad start as well. I will not go into the details of why, but I sadly need to admit defeat at this stage and recognise that I am not going to be able to further commit to the weekly article series.

The series stops today.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the 52 guitarists list itself had been written, I just needed to write about each entry weekly—something I can no longer do. So, the best I can do is share with you now the entire list as it would have played out during the year. For those who were reading these with me, I thank you for your feedback to date and hope to see you around on Twitter. My Facebook page is going to close down as well—it is also something I can no longer commit to.

I have no idea what this website will become, but it will be updated a lot less frequently for a while until I can dedicate the time this site needs to remain relevant. Hopefully in time I’ll work out a way to get my mojo back. 52 guitarists—the summary and the apology

The Zombie Horror Picture Show—Review

Recently I posted an Instagram photo of my newly acquired Rob Zombie Live BluRay disc The Zombie Horror Picture Show. I’d purchased it with the Megadeth Countdown to Exctinction Live DVD (it seems near impossible to get that one on BluRay). When posting the image to Twitter I was asked politely to review the concert movie. When I say politely, I mean there was talk of flash mobs and burning Gibsons. I couldn’t allow that. I love Gibsons and I hate crowds. So, here is my own review/opinion of the Rob Zombie live concert movie that is … The Zombie Horror Picture Show.

I freaking loved it.

Pretty simple really. But perhaps I should expand on that. Oh OK, I will.  The Zombie Horror Picture Show—Review

52 Guitars, week 13—Squier J5 Telecaster

Right when I’m getting ready to post about the next guitar I’ll add to my wishlist, I stumble across a devastating story involving a break-in at John 5’s house. I can only imagine the emotion involved when someone steals quality, high-end equipment like John 5 has. Me, I’d be over the moon if I owned his very affordable John 5 Squier Telecaster signature model. I hope to get it one day. I hope John 5 gets his stolen higher quality gear back before that. 52 Guitars, week 13—Squier J5 Telecaster