The monthly guitar video challenge (with two entries once again)

The monthly guitar challenge … surely by May I’ll work out how to make these videos on a monthly basis. Still, with today’s video I’ve kept some form of consistency—back-to-back videos that feature the combined riffs from two individual month’s guitar riffs. I’ve also managed to create content in two consecutive months. That’s almost a win. Still, next month will hopefully be only partially consistent—monthly video and blog post, but one riff. Hopefully it will still be interesting enough to warrant the blog post it is posted in.

In case you missed it, my last post explained the rules of this monthly challenge. Here’s the quick summary for first-time readers.

Quick summary

Every month I’ll share a new riff I wrote and created a quick video for. At the end of the year I’ll see if there’s enough goodness to put together one decent riffage track from the 12 monthly riffs.

Oooh. That looks impressive because the quick summary had a title.

Anyhow, this project is easy right? You’d think so. Easy in May—I’m going with that.

So, what do the riffs for March and April sound like? Take a look and listen below.

12 Riffs … Two more riffs

I haven’t revisited the entries for January and February, but I’m hoping they’re different enough. If you want to see/hear the previous month’s efforts, don’t forget that link I provided above. I’ve provided it here again for ease (I’m good like that).

Different enough to not sound like more of the same, but similar enough to be workable as riffs that can be used together in a combined song later in the year—that’s the plan.

I don’t believe I mentioned this in my original post about this project, but all tracks basically focus on the open low E string and/or the E chord one octave higher. That should allow the riffs to work together. Have I mentioned consistency in this blog post yet?

I am trying to play with different strumming timings and techniques though. Maybe in coming months I’ll experiment further and introduce even higher notes that fit in with the whole E theme I have going on so far. Imagine that! Just don’t count on it. I’m an amateur blogger for a reason.


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