Monthly guitar riff video challenge … the May edition

It’s only been a month and I’ve already uploaded a new monthly riff video. That shouldn’t be as amazing as it seems to be to me. Why? Because the initial challenge I’d set myself at the beginning of this year was to create and share a monthly guitar riff video. It’s not that difficult.

I stumbled at first, but I’m now on track to continue to deliver on a regular, monthly basis. Who knows … I may even end up writing about other things one day. Things beyond this monthly challenge! I’ve done it before. I know it’s possible.

As with the previous monthly guitar riff video challenge posts I’ve made on this site, the experience has been one of musical creation, video production—which I still have a lot to learn about—and social media population.

Here’s what I tried this month (that I’d not tried previously).

  • More camera angles for the video capturing
  • Multiple camera types (devices)
  • More lighting in my guitar space
  • Longer audio recording that allows for more organic song progression each month
  • Wearing socks and no shoes like a true rock star.

One thing I’d really like to continue to improve on is the video angles I capture in my video as well as the lighting used to brighten an otherwise dark space. It’s all rather terrible currently.

But the riffs are improving in my opinion.

I continue to try to challenge myself musically. I have a very consistant approach to riffing. But I’m trying new things which is hopefully apparent in the first half of this month’s riff. Not related, but I think I’ll try to wear shoes next time. Maybe shoes help with the whole creative process. It’s hard to tell in these early stages of the challenge.

Oh, the different video camera thing … That was a huge fail. My video camera options are limited to be honest. I’m trialing different mobile phones as well as a couple of regular digital cameras I have with built-in video capabilities. The latter is terrible. Perhaps I should investigate an actual video camera. One that works in low light (my guitar space is not well lit because I don’t like brightness). Or I can get over that and improve the lighting.

All of this is me just sharing details nobody cares about. The music—hopefully there is more interest in that—well, that is the easy part. Metal tones once again captured using the IK Multimedia iOS AmpliTube offering. It rocks. Hopefully you’ll think this month’s video does too.


12 Riffs … the May Edition

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