Smart Track pedal boards—modular awesomeness coming soon

The 2015 NAMM Show feels like forever ago. But it wasn’t. It was just last month. Even that seems too long ago. It was under two weeks ago. Which means it was only two weeks ago that I discovered the Smart Track pedal board system by Aclam Guitars. If you’ve never liked the idea of attaching velcro to your guitar pedals, then this may interest you greatly.

The Smart Track pedal board system allows you to build a pedal board to suit your own pedal collection in a way that doesn’t involve you modifying your pedals in any way. Having said that, the pedals once placed on the board are not going anywhere no matter how hard you stomp on them. Why? Because they’re held on the pedal board using a clever pedal fixing system. Simply slide the fasteners up against the pedals, screw them down and that pedal is locked in.

The best part is that the pedal board works with pedals of all sizes. As you can see by the image below.

Smart Track Orange
Smart Track Orange

That’s a pretty big example right there. For the average person however, this system will allow you to build a standard sized pedal board capable of holding all the pedals you’re likely to use in a live environment. You can even build a layered pedal board.

Who doesn’t love a tiered pedal board?! Not me.

Smart Track Black Combined
Smart Track Black Combined

The system is modular which means you can build your own pedal board to the size and layer count you desire. If you already have some pedals with velcro on them, you can combine the Smart Track system with the Evo Track system (also coming soon) which is handy. Why? Well, because the Evo Track modular units have standard velcro strips in them. What you build is up to you really. Just choose from the existing colours (orange/black) and the existing sizes (there are two different widths and depths) and build your custom pedal board.

Personally, I like the concept of the Smart Track system. Lock those pedals in place without attaching velcro strips to the base of the pedals and rock on. It doesn’t hurt that the pedal boards are metal in construction and appearance. I’m man enough to admit I like a good looking pedal board. Smart Track is such a system.


3 thoughts on “Smart Track pedal boards—modular awesomeness coming soon

  1. Hi. Here Marcos from Spain. I’m also guitarist and endorser from ACLAM and I’m really enjoying this Smart Track system. As you said, you can combine different boards. But also you can have 2 in 1. I’m working with a S1 with my 5 essential pedals, and I can lock in another s1 transforming it in a S2 with another 4 – 5 pedals more. Exciting.

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