Loknob—knob upgrades for your pedals, amps and more

Loknob was another of the cool pieces of initiative I came across in Hall E at the 2015 NAMM Show. Loknob allows you to easily switch out the knobs on almost any guitar pedal or amplifier with knobs that can be locked into place (stopping accidental adjustments in the live setting). Now you can slam your foot all over that guitar pedal like the badass you are knowing your sound is not going to be affected. Your fans will love you for it.

I watched as the knobs on a BOSS pedal were switched out in under a minute when at NAMM. It’s dead easy and non-detrimental to your pedal (as far as I could see). It’s a handy idea to store the original knobs from your pedals too. Then you can re-apply them once you no longer need the Loknobs (should you wish to on-sell the pedal for example).

I’m talking about pedals here, but this technology can also be applied to amplifiers and guitars alike. As long as you have a working dial that uses a standard potentiometer, you can apply a Loknob. There’s a pretty simple video that explains it all (including the simple installation process).

Easy right? At the end of the video you see how you lock (or is that lok?) the Loknob in place. To unlock it (unlok?) you simply pull the outer shell up and turn it in the opposite direction of the locking movement. Once again you have a free turning knob. Definitely easy.

At the moment these Loknobs come in Small and Large. You can see them both working on standard guitar pedals below. I really like the concept. I can see myself using these on at least one guitar I own as the volume knob is too close to the bridge pickup (where my strumming can get out of control).

I just hope these come in black one day soon. That would be awesome.

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