Six scary questions—Pro Tone Pedals

My six scary questions series has been fun for me. And it’s been simple (on account of my own laziness). When I approached Pro Tone Pedals to see if they’d be interested in participating, two things happened that made me incredibly happy.

  1. They said “Sure”.
  2. They offered to provide answers in the form of a YouTube video.

Awesome! I just got lazier!

Not only did Dennis from Pro Tone Pedals follow through with his kind offer, he provided an amazingly detailed and honest (I’m a long-time fan of Dennis’ brutal video honesty) video response. Before we get to the video, here are the questions I sent through.

Six scary questions

  1. What made you decide to enter the heavily populated guitar pedal market in the first place?
  2. You’re quite open and honest when it comes to subject matters like sponsorship opportunities, social media Like campaigns and what tremolo actually means. Voicing actual opinions is rare for a company these days. Has this approach helped sort the tyre kickers from the real potential customers?
  3. You’ve certainly struck a chord with some very influential people in the industry over the years (including Misha Mansoor, Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow). How important have those endorsements been to you professionally and personally?
  4. I’ve always loved the level of design that goes into your guitar pedals (Monster Fuzz being the most perfectly designed pedal I’ve ever seen (see image below)). What is your process for creating a new pedal design?
  5. Of all your current/past pedals, what is your personal favourite and why?
  6. You recently hosted the Winter Riff Wreckage contest where existing Pro Tone Pedal users had the opportunity to win another one of your pedals (among other prizes). How do you feel that competition went?

One not-so-scary question

  1. What’s in the not-so-distant future for Pro Tone Pedals and its customers?

There’s your context. Don’t feel like you need to memorise those questions though. Dennis does a great job of including the questions before providing answers. Makes sense right?!

So impressed am I with this video response that I’ve decided to break the number one rule for my website—no colour. If I wanted to convince myself that I was being true to form, I’d mention that the Pro Tone Pedals video video is almost all black anyway thanks to the room in the background and Dennis’ shirt. Yeah, I’m cool with that explanation.

EDIT: Dennis has applied a YouTube B&W filter to the video so you can now watch this video in the brilliance of B&W. This just keeps on getting better.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the official Pro Tone Pedals answers to my six scary questions (and one not-so-scary question) in YouTube video format. Huge thanks to Dennis for this must-watch video.

2 thoughts on “Six scary questions—Pro Tone Pedals

    1. Thanks Helen. I often see a ‘Like’ campaign and decide to not participate when a condition of entry is posting to my personal timeline. My friends are unlikely to care, so what’s the point? I’ve won some gear online, but I’ve earned the majority of it (through creating music and/or video content). That’s much more rewarding.

      I don’t believe I’m the average competition entrant though. If I win something easily, I’ll do what I can to continue to support the company that provided me with free gear. Seems fair to me.

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