Six scary questions—TonApp As

I was lucky enough to have come across Jon-Morten from TonApp As on Twitter last year and then discover the very cool iOS app he had developed called GuitarCapo+ (which you’ve no doubt seen me write about and make a video for). I’m a big fan of GuitarCapo+ so I was very excited when Jon-Morten agreed to participate in my Six Scary Questions article series. So, if you’re interested in seeing what makes TonApp As tick and potentially see what’s in store, read on.

If you’re a guitar lover, you may love the ending. I do. Ssshhh … Six scary questions—TonApp As

Six scary questions—Moniker Guitars

Today I am very pleased to say that I have six awesome responses to six scary (they’re not really) questions I put to the talented folks at Moniker Guitars. If you haven’t heard of Moniker Guitars then you’re either on the wrong website right now, have never read anything I’ve written here, never seen my Instagram posts or simply require some edumacation (real word). Never fear dear reader, I’m here for you.

Moniker Guitars simply make the greatest customised guitars this side of anything. Yes, anything. They made my Scarebear Reedsdale in 2013. I’m hoping they’ll one day make me another guitar. I probably need to talk to my wife about that at some stage. Who knows, they could make your next guitar. To help you find out out more about them and their skills, read on as Kevin Tully from Moniker Guitars provides answers.

You may just enjoy yourself.

Six scary questions—Moniker Guitars

Six scary questions—Dialtone Pickups

The six scary questions series continues with these new questions and answers that the awesome people at Dialtone Pickups agreed to make happen. Well, I made the questions happen. They made the answers happen. You know how these things work. Perhaps what you don’t know is who Dialtone Pickups is? Perhaps you don’t know what they have on offer? Perhaps you don’t know how six scary questions equates to seven questions. Many of these questions will be answered below. Enjoy the learning.

You’re welcome. Six scary questions—Dialtone Pickups

Six scary questions—Codella Guitars

Last year I wrote an article each week about the guitars I would love to own (if budget wasn’t a real-world concern). One of the guitars I wrote about was by Codella Guitars. I don’t remember how I came across the company, but I was glad I did. Obviously I could only write about what I saw as I’m on the side of the planet that California isn’t. So how do I find out more about a guitar company I still want to know more about? Easy! I continue with my Six scary questions series! Let the questions and answers begin. Six scary questions—Codella Guitars

Six scary questions—BeatBuddy

This whole interview people from within the guitar and music industry thing is still new to me. Luckily the people I’ve approached so far have been very welcoming and accommodating of my six (plus one) questions. As this series is a first for me, I thought it would be wise to interview someone familiar with firsts. So today’s interview is with BeatBuddy—the world’s first guitar pedal drum machine. I’m glad I managed to snare these great responses.

I appreciate any opportunity for a musical pun. Stick around, the questions begin … now! Six scary questions—BeatBuddy

Six scary questions—Sonoma Wireworks

The Six scary questions series of articles wouldn’t be a series without at least two articles in it. Thanks to Sonoma Wireworks, we have a series! Sonoma Wireworks has been creating software and hardware for the musical community for quite some time now. I’ve used their software and hardware, but I hadn’t asked them six scary questions yet. Because my questions aren’t actually scary, I still haven’t. I did get answers to these questions though. Six scary questions—Sonoma Wireworks

Six scary questions—Rock Prodigy

I decided recently that it would be a good idea to start a new article series where I interview people from the world of guitars and/or iOS development. One of the first companies I thought of was Rock Prodigy as they cover both fields. Luckily for me, they agreed to be the first company I questioned. I am very grateful for that.

The format of this article series is simple. I ask six scary questions and one not-scary question. None of the questions are really scary questions. They’re just questions that I—Scarebear—really wanted answers to. The last question I imagine everyone wants to know the answer to.

So, without further ado … Six scary questions—Rock Prodigy