iPhone amplifier emulator summary

I have finished all of the articles I set out to write in regards to the amplifier emulators for iPhone that I was aware of. I’ve since written a few unplanned reviews on the interfaces I used throughout the article writing journey. However the Blogging process feels incomplete. There’s something missing that would allow me to look back on the past two months with a great sense of achievement. That something … is a comparison chart.

After reviewing all of the amplifier emulators on my iPhone I had developed my own sense of “which apps are the best?” What I hadn’t done though was produce anything to back it all up. What if someone was to ask me which app was the best? How could I provide a response that didn’t just come across as some kind of biased opinion? What proof did I have other than the incredible articles I’d put together?

I had nothing.

So I did what any amateur writer with too much spare time would do on a weekend. I opened Microsoft Excel, created columns for the features I found most useful in the apps I had tested and checked to see which apps ticked the boxes (columns). Then, knowing there would be literally thousands* of people interested in the results of this test, I styled all of this data in Adobe InDesign.

That data now looks like this (see image below).

The results are also available as a PDF complete with links to all of the apps mentioned (click their icons).

If the documents had audio output I’d say they spoke for themselves. They don’t have audio output though so I’ll summarize quickly for you. The top three apps (based on number of boxes ticked) are AmpKit, JamUp and AmpliTube (in that order). I’m not as black and white as the results (or my website) but I will agree that they are the best of the bunch.

All of the other apps certainly have something to offer (tone, unique features and more) and I’m glad I own them all. If you haven’t tried any of the apps in the comparison chart above I recommend downloading and playing those that provide free versions of themselves to start with. Then find the app that works best for you and run with it. Finally, play until your fingers bleed or your iOS device loses power.

I’m almost 100% certain (about 93% actually) these apps are the main reason the iOS was created in the first place. I can’t think of any other reason at all.

Rock on.

* For the purposes of this article, 1000 = 5

Amplifier emulator comparisons
Amplifier emulator comparisons

2 thoughts on “iPhone amplifier emulator summary

  1. Cheers for taking the time putting this together – I’ll be getting an iPad in the next few weeks and will be plugging my Schecter into it, so to have all the apps in one place is useful. Cheers 🙂

    1. Dan, you are very welcome. Thanks for the kind comment. I have iPad jealousy, but I’m getting satisfaction in the fact that I also have a Schecter. Have fun! 🙂

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