Guitar themed dock for RocketDock

Both of my PCs run with docks (like you’d see on most Macs). One PC is running the Ubuntu operating system (OS) while the other runs the Windows OS. The Windows machine is using the customisable RocketDock to create its dock. Customisable is good. This allows me to create my own dock themes from time to time. You can see my attempts at RocketDock theming on my deviantART page.

So why would I mention this on my Scarebear website? The answer … I have created a guitar based dock theme for RocketDock.

The theme can be downloaded from the Plank for RocketDock page at deviantART (where you can also view the theme in living colour). The theme works when sitting at the top or bottom of your desktop screen. It does not lend itself to the left or right desktop locations.

Most themes have an area in the middle that can be stretched without visible design change. Because I wanted the theme to include the six strings of a guitar, the resizing of the theme is not as flexible as many themes out there. If you set the dock icon size to 50 pixels (or thereabouts) you should end up with a dock that looks just like mine in the screenshot above.

If you use Windows and want a guitar based dock, you now can thanks to RocketDock … and me 🙂

Plank for RocketDock

Plank for RocketDock

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