Monthly guitar riff video challenge … the May edition

It’s only been a month and I’ve already uploaded a new monthly riff video. That shouldn’t be as amazing as it seems to be to me. Why? Because the initial challenge I’d set myself at the beginning of this year was to create and share a monthly guitar riff video. It’s not that difficult.

I stumbled at first, but I’m now on track to continue to deliver on a regular, monthly basis. Who knows … I may even end up writing about other things one day. Things beyond this monthly challenge! I’ve done it before. I know it’s possible. Monthly guitar riff video challenge … the May edition

The monthly guitar video challenge (with two entries once again)

The monthly guitar challenge … surely by May I’ll work out how to make these videos on a monthly basis. Still, with today’s video I’ve kept some form of consistency—back-to-back videos that feature the combined riffs from two individual month’s guitar riffs. I’ve also managed to create content in two consecutive months. That’s almost a win. Still, next month will hopefully be only partially consistent—monthly video and blog post, but one riff. Hopefully it will still be interesting enough to warrant the blog post it is posted in. The monthly guitar video challenge (with two entries once again)

A monthly video challenge (with a late start)

Earlier this year I thought I’d set myself a monthly video challenge. It was an idea I had with the best of intentions. It’s also an idea I wish I’d had actual time to dedicate to earlier this year. Still, I think I’ve managed to find the time and the motivation to get cracking now. I’m filled with so much faith now that I’ve decided to play catch-up by releasing my first video that includes what could technically be classified as the first two months of challenge results in the one recording. Could be. But really it’s just a poor attempt at playing catch-up.

Anyhow, read on for the concept and the first result. Hopefully I can keep this one going. I’m more inspired to play guitar than I have been in ages. A monthly video challenge (with a late start)

Saying farewell to 2017 and bringing in a new 2018

2017 was an ordinary year for me. Nothing terrible happened, but nothing outstanding happened either. I neglected this website and all of my social media channels. I lost my way, but I have plans to get back on track in 2018. One thing that I know will be new, is this website’s design. I am making the transition into a new theme design. Exciting right!?

Well, considering the lack of … everything in 2017. This is a big step forward. But there will be more. So read on to see what is planned. If you care to.

Saying farewell to 2017 and bringing in a new 2018

Why I said “Goodbye”to 1300 Facebook followers

Last year I closed my original Facebook page for this website. It was relatively successful when you consider how meaningless this website is. The page had 1300 Facebook followers and the overall trend was an increasing follower count. But I noticed a few things—nothing terrible or overly negative—and decided to close the page down and start again. With the new Scarebear Rocks Facebook page comes new rules and expectations. It’s a social experiment I’ve decided to run on a social network.

Ground breaking right?!

So … what happens if you only promote your Facebook page on your own site/s and refuse to promote the page or any individual posts through Facebook itself?

Why I said “Goodbye”to 1300 Facebook followers

Megatober … the guitar challenge did finish successfully

I’m not* saying that I’m a little bit behind in my blogging, but Megatober was actually a successful challenge for me. I did manage to attempt 31 new Megadeth riffs during Megatober. I just didn’t manage to write about them or the things I learned—other than the riffs themselves—in a timely manner. So I thought as 2016 comes to an end I would wrap up the challenge that was Megatober—two months after the fact.

* I’m saying I am incredibly behind! Megatober … the guitar challenge did finish successfully

Megatober hits week three … I’m still going!

As far as Megatober attendance goes, I’ve managed a 75% success rate so far. That’s from the grand total. Not from the 21 days so far. From the 21 days so far, I’ve managed 100%. So I’m totally winning. But Megatober isn’t about attendance. It’s about learning 31 different Megadeth riffs in the month of October. I’m almost certain I’ll nail it. I won’t perfect 31 riffs—I’m not that good a guitar player—but I sure will continue to have fun trying.

Last week’s entry ended with a mention of day 15. So let’s start with day 16’s learning. It is not where the third week began, but it was a bit of a Disconnect. Megatober hits week three … I’m still going!

Megatober continues into week two

My monthly challenge to learn a new Megadeth riff a day—which I have cleverly called Megatober—continues. Did I bite off more than my guitar playing skillset can handle? Absolutely. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Not according to the saying. But I’m very stubborn. I’m very quickly discovering what my limits are, but damned if I’m not enjoying trying these daily challenges.

If you watch the following examples of the second week’s progress, you may not share that enjoyment. Kudos to you for continuing anyway. Megatober continues into week two

My Megatober beginnings—So far, so good … So not.

Remember my last blog post? It’s the one before this one that mentions my plans to play a different Megadeth riff on the guitar every day. It’s a challenge I stupidly set myself in an attempt to get back into some regular guitar playing. It’s a challenge called Megatober.

In regards to the daily guitar practice, it’s absolutely working. In regards to choosing sensible songs appropriate for my skill level … Megadeth was a stupid move. I’m way out of practice. Still, I have been capturing daily videos and I thought I’d share some of the less-sucky moments from the last eleven days.

Enjoy? My Megatober beginnings—So far, so good … So not.

Megatober … The plan for 31 riffs

One of the reasons I started writing a lot less on this site in recent months, was so I could dedicate more time to the act of guitar playing. Less time writing. More time learning.

To be honest, it’s not gone exactly to plan. I have played more guitar than I had played in previous months, but it hasn’t been enough. I’ve spoken to some friends on Twitter about collaborating and I am yet to get around to that. Thinking about that further, there are more than a few people I would love to do online collaborations with. But my skills have slipped. I need to improve that before it’s too late. I realise this. And I have a plan.

That plan is called Megatober. Megatober … The plan for 31 riffs