Monthly guitar riff video challenge … the September edition

September begins and I already have the riff done for my monthly guitar riff video challenge. I’m way ahead of my previous months. Whatever will I do with the rest of this month?! If I’m lucky, there will be more guitar playing and perhaps video creation. I have plans on how to step up my video game. It involves the help of others. I just haven’t told them yet. This could be fun.

I’m keeping my riffs simple—it’s how I play to be honest—but I do like the two different parts that I came up with for September. They’re different enough in style, yet seem to work together in my book. I am yet to attempt to put these monthly riff creations together into one instance in my DAW and I’ve honestly not really revisited previous entries in this series to see if there is any similarity. I’m sure there is. I know I have a style. I’m just not sure what it is.

Crap rock? Weak metal? Heavy rubbish? Who knows. Whatever you call it, I’ll own it.

What is still going wrong?

Video. I’m not good at the angles and the lighting. I really need to work out which angles work and leave some tripods there. I can never remember where I set my cameras up last month.

What is going well?

I’ve made nine monthly riff videos. I’m technically succeeding in my challenge so far. That’s a good thing. Even if nobody is watching. This is all about me and all for me. Well, me and anybody else who is indeed watching. I appreciate you (even if you realise the videos are rather … ordinary). Thanks for tolerating. Here’s a new video for you.

12 Riffs … the September edition

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