Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro Guitars website launches

Ah … that time I developed a website for free and lost $600+ to a low moral individual. More on that story here. The design work I did I’m still proud of, so I keep it here as a reminder of what kind of morals I choose to have.

Today the Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro Guitars website launched using it’s new URL and website design. The website has been developed using the ResponsiveEve HTML template as its framework. A few other responsive enhancements were made to the website (such as embedding the YouTube videos in a way that ensures they resize with the framework) in an effort to make the website accessible to all users on almost all devices.

The website itself scales and reorganises content to suit the device/browser width it is in. No matter what size your device or browser window is, you should be able to access all of the website content without having to scroll left-right. This makes the website as accessible as a Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro guitar!

So check out the website for yourself. Then contact Derek Buddemeyer from Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro Guitars and ask about getting your next studio quality guitar today. I’ve already done just that. I hope to have more pictures of my upcoming Buddemeyer Hangnail Pro Smoke model soon. Expect to hear more about that when I receive the actual guitar.

Hangnail Pro Guitars website
Hangnail Pro Guitars website

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