An update on the iPhone guitar app reviews

It’s been a busy week or so since I last reviewed an app that enabled you to record and/or play guitar on the iPhone. I’ve discovered there are more apps out there than I initially believed—my original list has been updated to show the new additions I’ve discovered—and I’ve discovered there are more interfaces out there to connect your guitar and iPhone with. As I fear I could discover more apps and/or interfaces if I keep looking I have decided that for now, I will assume my list is complete and move on with the reviews of the apps I am currently aware of.

I have been playing with Guitar FX Deluxe a bit and should have that review written in a day or so. I’ve also been looking at the Mobile POD and will write about it briefly. That one can’t be classed as a review though as I don’t have the required Mobile In interface that allows that app to work. More on that later.

It hasn’t all been lazy days of enjoying too much festive spirit though. No, I’ve been reclaiming some space that I temporarily lost when the family acquired a dog. It’s taken a while, but I once again have my guitar space. This time with more space for the guitars and gear that goes with it. This, is my happy place.

Colour photo available if you’re interested on my Tumblr site.

Updated guitar room
Updated guitar room

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