Amplifier emulators on the iPhone

I’ve written about AmpKit and GuitarTone recently on this Blog and I’ve even shared a couple of recordings made with those pieces of software. I’ve had a few other amplifier simulators on my iPhone for quite some time now, but I have wondered recently—I’m lucky enough to have a decent block of time to dedicate to myself and my guitar fascination right now—how many other options are there for an addict like me? What am I missing? What don’t I know?

Nobody provided me with the answers so I went looking. Here’s what I discovered.

It seems there were a lot more options than I was initially aware of through searching in iTunes alone. By using the power of the Interweb I discovered a more impressive list. Then I went shopping. Look!

More Impressive List
Edited 02 January 2012 when I added Guitar Amp and Mobile POD.

I can tell you I now have all but one of the apps in that list. I do not have iRock. I’ll prove it!

I’ve added two apps to my list above since originally posting this article and the screenshot below.

I’ll probably not get iRock because it’s $16.99 in the US iTunes store and appears to have not been updated since 2009.

Some of the apps above have free versions and some are so cheap I couldn’t not buy them. Some of them are about the same cost as buying a few plectrums. And I don’t need any new plectrums at the moment.

Of course for many of the apps above you require a way to connect your guitar to your iPhone (or similar iOS device). Luckily, I have a few of those too.

Another Impressive List

Edited 18 December 2011 when I added iRiffPort and JamUp Plug.
Edited 02 January 2012 when I added Mobile In.

Or, you could build your own cable. RiotFX provide a tutorial on how to do just that should you be interested. Me, I currently own three of the cables above. I own AmpKit Link, GuitarConnect Cable and GuitarJack.

I have already written briefly about some of this before, but I believe it’s time to write with greater detail on the options out there (excluding iRock of course as I won’t be purchasing it). So stay tuned—my favourite guitar pun—as I play guitar, take iPhone screenshots, record sounds (where applicable) and share the outcomes on this here black and white Blog.

With any luck there will be layering, varied effects and multiple guitars with differing results from each app. To my knowledge there are two ways to do all of this. One is by using some of the apps as listed above, the other is by cloning yourself. I don’t recommend the latter. It’s a lot of work (see scary Photoshopped image below).

There will however be one constant in these upcoming articles … My terrible guitar playing.

* AmpliTube provides its regular option as well as a Fender package. Each app is a standalone app requiring individual in-app purchases.


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