Toontrack brings you Metal Month

I love a good promo month. Nothing appeals to me more than an entire month dedicated to metal. The \m/ kind that is. Luckily for us all, Toontrack has started Metal Month with a bang (on the snare drum perhaps). This month now looks like it will be a whole lot more interesting to me.

Metal Month consists of a fair few exciting developments all based around the outstanding EZdrummer range. Check out the promo video for starters.

So cool. I want a metal drummer man!

If you purchase EZdrummer 2 right now, you get additional pop/rock sound files for free. You can also download the Metal Morph app and turn yourself into a fully fledged metal God. Finally you can impress your friends and win-over the members of the opposite sex (or same sex if that’s your thing).

There are a few scheduled events to take place during the month as well which will keep me going back to the Metal Month website. But most importantly for this month dedicated to the awesomeness of metal, is the discounted metal drumkit sounds for your EZdrummer software. 40% off some seriously cool drum beats.

It’s a huge month. I’m going to be watching this with great interest. I’ll also be letting my friends and family know. Christmas present ideas!

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