Saying farewell to 2017 and bringing in a new 2018

2017 was an ordinary year for me. Nothing terrible happened, but nothing outstanding happened either. I neglected this website and all of my social media channels. I lost my way, but I have plans to get back on track in 2018. One thing that I know will be new, is this website’s design. I am making the transition into a new theme design. Exciting right!?

Well, considering the lack of … everything in 2017. This is a big step forward. But there will be more. So read on to see what is planned. If you care to.

Instagram will get more content from me in 2018. Looking at the results of my 2017 Best Nine from Instagram—image results just below—I can already see that my total number of posts and likes is down on previous years. It seems that if I don’t set myself a daily photo challenge, that I neglect Instagram. That saddens me because I genuinely love Instagram. So, daily photo challenge time it is. Again. But this time, there is a difference.

I shall post a daily photo on Instagram that I have taken with my DSLR. No Instagram filters will be applied. I’m not sure how that will work out, but it’s the current plan. I’m convinced it will work out fine.

I should be able to also post some spur-of-the-moment photographs from my phone during the year. This could get my year photograph count over 400 in 2018. That’s something I’ve never tried. Also, video is an option on Instagram. Hopefully I’ll give that a more regular crack.

5c4r3834r full 2017
5c4r3834r full 2017

Not-so-related to this website, but still of hopeful relevance, are my plans to create what I’d call a branded house for my Scarebear realm. I don’t consider myself to have a real brand, but it will be an interesting marketing experiment all the same.

My thinking is, I let some people see my interest in all-things guitar (you people reading this post), some people see my interest in photography and some people see my graphic design. But very few people get to see all three in any connected way. In 2018, I’ll be creating sites similar to this one that focus on each of my different interests so that people who are interested in knowing more about me—from any of the individual websites—can do so. You get to know the full version of Scarebear (me). Everybody wins!

Speaking of other interests—but in a way that is hopefully of interest to this website’s audience—I am really hoping that I manage to pull my finger out in 2018 and sort out my video making and music making interests. They’ve both been on my to-do list for … probably two years. That’s sad. Hopefully I can sort that out in 2018.

In the meantime, thanks for watching in 2017. Enjoy the new website design and I look forward to engaging with you more in 2018. As Eddie Murphy said in the classic Trading Places … Merry New Year!

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