Building the perfect electric guitar through social media

So I’ve opted to try something different as I investige what electric guitar to potentially buy next. I always try to get something different with each guitar purchase, but I’ve been wondering if there is such a thing as the perfect electric guitar. There are clearly many aspects of an electric guitar to consider when purchasing a new addition to your current collection. To help me make sure I get the next purchase right, I’ve decided to let social media choose the perfect electric guitar for me.

Before I get into the how, let me share some back story. It will be great for atmosphere if nothing else. Plus, I haven’t written in a while. (Scare) Bear with me.

I am very fortunate to have more guitars than my guitar playing skills deserve. I don’t do much else with my spare time—which is apparent through my inability to write blog posts regularly—so most of my disposable income goes towards my guitar fascination—guitar fascination sounds more upbeat than guitar addiction. However, even my amazing wife has her limits and whenever I get that look—she can spot it a mile away—she now asks “What could you possibly buy that you don’t already have?!”

Fair question.

I normally point out that there are distinct differences between each of my guitars—the most obvious being my custom-built Moniker Guitars model.

Some have maple necks. Some have rosewood necks. Some have single coil pickups. Some have humbucker pickups. What doesn’t help me is that I only buy black and/or white guitars. So to the untrained eye, there’s not a lot going on in my collection.

So, to prove a point and to also try a bit of a social experiment, I’ve decided to post 17 different options to choose from when deciding the best options in the perfect electric guitar. The options will cover such important factors as “is a maple fretboard better than a rosewood or ebony fretboard?”

We all have opinions and I’ll be collating the popular votes to then construct the uber-guitar—which will not be a guitar that can drive you to a destination of your choice after you’ve booked it through an app.

I will be collecting these votes through my Instagram account, my Twitter account and my Facebook account. I’ll collect like/love votes on Facebook, comments on Instagram (possibly hashtags as well) and relevant hashtags votes in Twitter. I’ll then compile the votes and use the winners from each category to then build the perfect electric guitar. If I’m lucky, my wife will then see the point, grant me another spending spree and be eternally happy for me. That may not all happen, but I’ll at least have some really cool graphs to share.

I love graphs and data.

Let the social experiment begin. I’ll post an update once all of the options have been shared and voted on. Enjoy (if you choose to participate)!

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