Out with the old and in with the new

I’ve enjoyed the Blogger experience for the last year or so, but the time has come to get this website in some kind of order. For well over a year I’ve mixed up my guitar, photography and root beer/sarsaparilla interests on this one website. Why? Well, because Blogger made it so easy to do. But it was getting messy. I’d already started to combine my loves for photography and guitar. It was only a matter of time before I wrote my first ‘photographs of my new root beer coloured guitar’ article. That would simply be crossing a line I couldn’t come back from.

The longer I looked at the Blogger website design the more I also missed my own web design (pre-Blogger). I realised that I missed my old site design too much to just let it go and the frustration joy that comes with website development could no longer be ignored. So after borrowing several library books on Drupal, then taking those books back because they confused me, I perused the Interweb until I knew enough to create my own Drupal theme. I then learned about modules, blocks and importing articles from Blogger (that didn’t go as smoothly as I’d have liked). Eventually, I ended up with the site you’re probably reading now. Assuming someone is reading this.

So, apart from the small design change, you may ask yourself … “What’s new?” Great question. Here’s some of my own answers.

  • There’s a poll to interact with (it’s on the right)
  • There are links to the various social media accounts I have (I’m slightly addicted to social media)
  • There are links to my other websites for photography, random articles (like the root beer/sarsaparilla articles that used to be on this website) and graphic design (the last one requiring content)
  • There’s a handy contact form so you can … contact me

You’re probably not wondering, but I’ll let you know some of the things that haven’t changed.

  • This website will continue to try its hardest to keep colour away
  • You can leave comments on articles when you feel the need
  • You can purchase awesome IK Multimedia gear from the side menu

The last thing that is perhaps worth mentioning, although it’s not as related to this new Drupal website as the previous listed items, is the creation of the new scarebear.org Facebook page. I don’t expect a lot of followers there, but it was a move I decided to make to spare my real-world Facebook friends from the guitar posts they rarely cared for on my personal account. If you use Facebook, like to read the occasional article on guitars, iOS recording and guitar playing/recording, then head on over to the all-new scarebear.org Facebook page. I look forward to seeing you here and/or there.

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