My Magnum story

Last year I wrote the first of my Scarebear’s Guitars articles. I did that for a few reasons. Firstly, I thought it would be a good thing to write about something I knew more about than my regular articles (on account of the subject matter being my own gear). Not that I generally don’t know what I’m talking about (just to be clear). Secondly, I figured it would be worthwhile highlighting that the things I write about, I own. I haven’t been lucky enough yet to experience the whole gear on loan for review experience. That would be cool though. Feel free to send me gear. Most importantly though, I started the series because this is my website and technically that makes me Scarebear. Logic!

For the second article in the series—that would be this very article—I figured I’d write about my Magnum semi acoustic guitar. That seemed logical to me because it was the second guitar I acquired (from my current collection). I’ve owned other guitars, but they were so bad I had to let them go. I’d also like to say now that if you ended up on this page because you Googled My Magnum looking for something other than a guitar, well, I’m sorry. It’s funny when you think about it though. My Magnum is an axe and not a gun!

Guitar humour!

I believe I received my Magnum semi acoustic guitar way back in 2000 for my birthday. It may have been 1999, but 2000 seems more likely. It was a more important birthday for me. Also, an acoustic guitar seems more likely for the year 2000. If the world was going to end as many people thought it would, then what use would another electric guitar be?! Luckily, the global shutdown of all computer systems did not eventuate. Sorry about that canned food and battery manufacturers.

Looking back on the day I received this guitar, I am reminded that my fascination with all things black and white was strong even back then. The guitar I actually received for my birthday was black. It was also unfortunately terrible. So, I went back to the store the guitar had been purchased from and swapped the guitar for the one I now own (with the person who had purchased the guitar for me obviously). You may have noticed that on this website you can’t tell that this Magnum guitar is green (trust me, it’s green). It may be green, but it has a black burst. I am OK with that.

The fact that this guitar plays so nicely is also a welcome bonus. For such an affordable guitar, I remain surprised at the ease of playability on this guitar. Pleasantly surprised.

The electric component of this guitar is incredibly simple. There is a three-band equaliser and a volume control. The guitar lead is plugged into the guitar through the guitar body strap button. The part of this feature I dislike the most though is the battery compartment. The battery is placed in the guitar through the sound hole. This is an annoyance for me as I have large and clumsy man hands. That probably explains my guitar playing ability as well. But I digress.

Would I love to have a more recognised acoustic guitar that is constructed using better woods and higher quality components (machine heads, nut, bridge pins and saddle for example)? Absolutely. Has this Magnum guitar served me well for the last 14 or so years? Absolutely.

I’m in no hurry to part ways with it.

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