My Megatober beginnings—So far, so good … So not.

Remember my last blog post? It’s the one before this one that mentions my plans to play a different Megadeth riff on the guitar every day. It’s a challenge I stupidly set myself in an attempt to get back into some regular guitar playing. It’s a challenge called Megatober.

In regards to the daily guitar practice, it’s absolutely working. In regards to choosing sensible songs appropriate for my skill level … Megadeth was a stupid move. I’m way out of practice. Still, I have been capturing daily videos and I thought I’d share some of the less-sucky moments from the last eleven days.


I began the challenge with Angry Again. A riff I once attempted many years ago. I gave up pretty quickly. I have a very short attention span. But I figured … Old dog. New tricks. How hard could it be? I’m going to say “Harder than I thought.”

Still, it turned out OK in my opinion.

That’s a decent start to a challenge right? Well, it went a little bit downhill after that. But that’s OK. My goal is to attempt a new riff every day. Not master one. But as I play a bit longer every day, over time some of these more difficult riffs—difficult for me at least—will become easier to play. That’s why I’m attempting this challenge at least.

Day 4 was How The Story Ends. For me, that went like this.

Mistakes and all. But not bad for a song I’d never attempted before this day. Well, not bad for a terrible guitarist. Also, I really could have recorded these better. Phone audio in front of a twangy guitar technique is never good.

Day 5 was what I’d call a cheating day. Symphony of Destruction is something I have attempted to play in the past. Still, it was a good day for some fun guitar playing.

I’ll end today’s post with today’s riff. Today was day 11 and I had a crack at Mary Jane. This is one of my favourite Megadeth songs. It’s essentially ten of the greatest guitar riffs ever created thrown into one song. It’s an amazing track. I did not do it any justice.

The song list that I have been choosing songs from can be found in my previous blog post. The order that I’ve run with so far in this Megatober guitar challenge is:

  1. Angry Again
  2. Prince of Darkness
  3. Reckoning Day
  4. How The Story Ends
  5. Symphony of Destruction
  6. Bite The Hand
  7. Cold Sweat
  8. Something That I’m Not
  9. Skin o’ My Teeth
  10. Wake Up Dead
  11. Mary Jane

Twenty more days to go and a whole lot more difficulty to come. But so far, so good. So what?!

Free Megadeth humour for you.

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