Kononykheen Guitars (why I believe I want one)

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post that wasn’t related to my current monthly guitar riff challenge. There are many reasons for that. One reason … I’m a busy guy. Secondly, I wanted to only write new blog posts when I felt I was covering something that was new and/or perhaps underrated. That is how I started my blog’s current path of guitar content after all—writing about the smaller and more unique things that were happening in the guitar realm. But what of guitar manufacturers today? Is anybody doing anything different there lately? I think so. I think Kononykheen is one such company and I for one am keen—or is that kheen?—to watch them grow. 

When I first stumbled upon the Kononykheen guitars on Instagram, I was intrigued by their guitars that looked familiar, but still, were clearly not. At a quick glance their range appears to be modern versions of the Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars that have proven to be popular and useable for decades now. Upon closer inspection however, I started to notice nuances that seriously appealed to me.

Is that a Stratocaster-styled headstock on a Telecaster-style body? Is that headstock reversed?! Is that a Telecaster-style scratch plate on a Stratocaster-style body? Does that sexy guitar neck have a seriously think white binding?

The more I looked at the details, the more these guitars appealed to me.

There were a couple of guitars that really stuck out to me. They’re called Breed Ten and Breed Thirteen. They’re black and white—which my followers will know appeals to me—and they’re seriously awesome to look at.

You may be wondering about the model names. Or perhaps you’re thinking “I see some cool differences here, but is that really doing things differently?” I’d say “Yes”. But I’d also say “But wait! There’s more!”

Each Breed/release has a limited number of guitars in it. Kononykheen Guitars makes their guitars in batches or staged releases. Currently it seems there are two styles released at a time. When they sell out, they sell out. Then the next design/batch can be released.

The earlier releases are still on display on the Kononykheen website and act as a great visual for the kinds of variations each new release could potentially include. The guitars seem to alternate between at least four different bridge styles, a large number of pickup styles/layouts/counts and body colours. Necks and fretboard styles change and so do the hardware options. I think it’s rather ingenious. With two basic starting points, this company can create a consistent, yet continually changing product line. If you like the starting points, chances are Kononykheen Guitars will eventually release something that tempts you.

The average price point of just under $800USD doesn’t hurt either.

Kononykheen Guitars are based in Russia and currently ship to all continents other than Antartica. Probably a good thing when you make guitars like that Breed Thirteen. I’d easily lose that in a snow storm.

I’ll be watching this company for a while I believe. Their current available line-up—at the time of writing this article—looks beautiful, but as regular readers would know. I’m a big fan of all guitars black and/or white. Fingers crossed something like that comes back into the Kononykheen line-up.

In the meantime, enjoy Breeds Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen and their full colour beauty.

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