JamUp Pro XT version 2.2.0 released

JamUp Pro XT version 2.2.0 has been released and it brings with it a heap of fancy new additions. One of the fanciest new additions is the ability to connect with the AirTurn wireless pedal—all via BlueTooth. I can’t talk about how that works, so I’ll focus on the other new features that I have already played with. Those, I can say I already love.

Here’s the official list of the new features that I love:

  • 11 new amplifier channels
  • Multiple effects can now be run from any category
  • Audiobus support extended to input, effect and output units.

The multiple effects per category feature is massive. That feature combined with the 11additional channels—every guitar player knows 11 is the best—that have been supplied mean countless new sounds for the JamUp Pro XT app. I’ve already combined Flanger with Phaser. I look forward to more combinations from the Mod range. What effect category will you pull multiple pedals from?

JamUp Pro XT version 2.2.0
JamUp Pro XT version 2.2.0

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