Guitar Amp for iPhone

Guitar Amp by StudioDevil and Quixonic is a very simple guitar amplifier emulator with limited effect options. My black and white images are not going to do the app’s red, yellow and green indicator lights any justice, but the Delay Box will be close to reality as it’s a sexy brushed metal pedal anyway.

What I can tell you straight away is that this little app works well with AmpKit Link, GuitarConnect Cable and GuitarJack. We’re off to a good start.

One of the things I really like about this app is that it’s so easy to use. There are a couple of reasons for that. One reason is that it has two basic screens of operation that both operate in the same way. Simple. The other reason is that its two basic screens of operation don’t offer as many features as many similar apps.

Another thing I like about this app is the quality of the sound. There’s no brutal heavy metal sound I’d like as an option, but the clean sounds through to the fuzz sounds are absolutely amazing. Add to that the Delay/Echo effects and you can spend quite some time playing guitar through this app. The sounds are that good.

And one other thing I like … The graphics. The pedals look like real little metal cased pedal units that you’ve been wearing in for years on stage. I love that a lot. Check out the graphics as I run through the basic controls quickly.

As you can see (images below) you get controls for Gain, Level, Bass and Treble. You also get switches for the Amp and the Cab. Both of these switches are three-way switches giving you three options for each. I’m no mathematician, but that’s a fair amount of Amp/Cab combos.

You can’t see it in my colour-stripped imagery, but the light above the Amp switch changes from red, to yellow to green when going from the top to the bottom position (like traffic lights). The Amp sound goes from the dirtiest (red) to the cleanest (green) as you toggle through the options. As mentioned before, when you combine the switches with different combinations in the Cab switch you have quite a few sounds to choose from.

Apart from the main Guitar Amp pedal screen you have the Delay Box screen which you swipe to from the previous screen (hence the Next button). The Delay Box screen gives you controls for the Time, Level, Repeats and Style of delay. There is also a two-way switch that goes between Ping-Pong and Norm.

The Ping-Pong position sounds awesome with headphones on as the effects are bounced from one ear to the next.

The Norm position generates your regular delay/echo without the stereo effect. By using the Style knob you can generate quite a few different effect types. The effects sound good on both the clean and fuzz channels which is a real treat.

For the most part, that is the Guitar Amp app from StudioDevil and Quixonic. Clicking the little information icon (i) on either pedal screen takes you to the settings screen where you can edit the gain sensitivity, how the knobs are changed (vertical, horizontal or orbital), as well as enabling or disabling the screen scrolling and keep screen on options.

This is another guitar amp app that could benefit from a recording and sound exporting facility. It’s a shame to have such sound quality and not share it. For guitarists of skill that is.

Nice app. Cool icon.

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