Goodtime Solana 6 Banjo

I’ve often wanted to play the banjo. My problem is their standard five strings (one of which doesn’t even make it to the headstock) and their non-guitar tunings. Just to reiterate, that’s my problem. I’m not smart enough to work out alternate tunings. But now I don’t have to worry about that because the folks at Deering Banjos have made the Goodtime Solana 6 banjo which is strung and tuned like a standard guitar. Awesome!

Not only does the Goodtime Solana 6 banjo use standard guitar tunings, it comes with nylon strings. So that’s another advantage for me (with the modern banjo using steel strings). When you watch the promotional video for the banjo/guitar it still has that banjo feel despite all the differences it has from a standard banjo. Well to me it does.

So cool. I sure hope you can play Dueling Banjos on this banjo.

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that this banjo appeals to me because of its standard guitar tuning. But because the neck and strings are essentially the same setup as an acoustic guitar, you can tune this to most alternate guitar tunings. Again, I’m not smart enough to work out anything beyond Drop D. But that works for me. I’m sure this banjo would too.

Update: This line has been discontinued. But, there is still a six string option available and that line is now called Goodtime 6 String Banjos.

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