Did you miss me?! No … Me either

52 Pedals. That article series certainly isn’t going to plan is it? I’ve covered 26 different pedal manufacturers which sounds like a small victory, but it isn’t. I could say “Yes! Half way there!”, but as far as the calendar year goes, we are actually in week 37. Epic fail. I have some serious catch-up to do—and right after the last post I made about catching up! Oh well.

I could say I’ve been busy doing all kinds of cool guitar related things. That would be an acceptable excuse right? “I hand carved a solid body electric guitar using nothing but a whittling knife!” … But I’d be lying. The past month or so has simply been real-world chaos. But I’m hopefully now on top of all of that. Why? How? Good questions. I don’t have the answers because I’m not that smart. What I will say though is this. There are new articles, pictures and possible audio/video to come.

Excitement. I can feel it in the air*.

For example, I’ll be testing some cool plectrums soon. I love trying different plectrum types/materials. They really do affect your playing and tone. I have been testing some Chicken Picks already which is pretty awesome. They’re cool. More on them later.

I recently upgraded my DialTone Pickups—I can’t put into words how much I love those pickups—and I am determined to build myself a guitar pedal using a kit I got for Christmas last year. Yes … I’m that far behind.

Oh yeah. Expect some quick-fire 52 Pedals articles. That series is going to be completed. It hasn’t gone to plan, but it’s ending as it was meant to—with 52 different pedals in it. Maybe after that I’ll take a break from the 52 series—it has been running three years in a row so far. If that does happen, it won’t be until I purchase a pedal from my list. That is the other incentive for writing the series after all.

Expect more. Expect it soon. I’ll expect nothing from you. If you find anything at all useful, I’ll call it a win.

Thanks for playing.

* That may not be excitement. That may just be static electricity. I sometimes confuse that for excitement.

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