Dialtone Pickups NAMM coverage

There has been some really good video coverage from the Summer NAMM recently and I was really happy to see people like Premier Guitar and Shnobel covering the innovative Dialtone Pickups. In other Dialtone Pickups news, they’ve received their metal casings for the first batch of pickups (see image below). The metal casings look awesome. Mine will be in there too I imagine, so I’m excited!

Both the Premier Guitar video and the Shnobel video for Dialtone Pickups feature interviews with John Liptac (who invented the pickups) and both feature demo audio from John’s sexy white Paul Reed Smith with matching white demo Dialtone Pickups. Wouldn’t white pickups just look awesome?!

The videos are great to watch as they provide more tonal variety examples and they showcase how different playing styles combined with the Dialtone Pickups technology generates different sounds. I’m really looking forward to trying these out with some clean playing, overdriven playing and flat out metal (my favourite). I just need to decide which guitar I’m going to put my pickups in when they arrive.

Anyhow, check out the awesome image—I decolourised it as I like to do—below and the videos by Premier Guitar and Shnobel. They rock.

Dialtone Pickups (metal grey)
Dialtone Pickups (metal grey)

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