52 pedals, week 42—Mr. Black Ambience

Forty-two entries into the series—obviously behind schedule—and I feel the need to reflect. There have been many pedal types that I’ve looked into and added to this list. Most of them have been distortion or overdrive pedals because that’s how I roll—and rock. But for those reflective moments when I consider all things large and small, I need a pedal that can deliver those soothing sounds that best determine a moment of solitude. I need some Ambience. Good thing Mr. Black has such a pedal—in name and pedal type.

The Ambience pedal is a combined echo and reverb pedal—echoverb. To be honest, the combined effect is mesmerising. The videos I’ve come across have some simply beautiful guitar sounds in them. I could see myself getting lost in the creation of an eight minute guitar track quite easily with this pedal in my arsenal.

If you listen to the official sound recordings that are also available on the official Ambience website, you’ll get an idea for how cool this pedal sounds. Or you could listen to the sounds in this groovy video—also from the official website …

That’s just beautiful. It’s simple, but beautiful.

The pedal’s knobs look simplistic as well—there are three of them—but they are actually quite versatile. The Span knob for example goes from short to long echo taps. That’s simple enough. The Decay knob however influences the echo and the reverb combined. All the way to the counter clockwise position is one echo with no reverb. All the way into the clockwise position however and you get lost in a high echo, high reverb sound of absolute atmosphere. The Level knob controls the ambience levels—from flat to incredibly dreamy—according to the official manual PDF.

And that is pretty much all she wrote as they say. It’s not all I wrote though. Possibly because I’m not a she. I doubt that’s the reason though. No, the reason is that I feel the need to share another audio-visual example I found of the Ambience pedal. Even amateur footage makes this pedal seem sexy. I feel I may need this pedal.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar pedal. I have not experienced first-hand the sound or effects of this guitar pedal. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

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