52 pedals, week 2—Wampler Pedals Sovereign Distortion

I have a few distortion pedals. I’m sure I’ll get more. After all, it’s my favourite effect. There are two reasons if I’m going to be honest. Firstly, it’s metal. That’s pretty much the only reason you need. The other convenient reason for a guitar player like me is that it is good at covering mistakes.

Having shared that, I will say that the tone of a distortion pedal is incredibly important (even to a no-talent-hack like me). So the Wampler Pedals Sovereign Distortion appeals to me on account of the varied tones this pedal provides. Why settle for one distortion tone per pedal when one pedal can provide you with distortion ranging from something blues-friendly to a full-blown heavy metal distortion? The answer? You shouldn’t.

There are a few videos out there in Interweb land, but one of the best (logically) is the official Wampler Pedals video demo. With one Fender Stratocaster you can hear quite a diverse  range of distorted tones. Not only through the pedal’s various controls, but through clever use of the pedal and the guitar’s volume control. Check it out.

That’s a lot of tone right? I love the Boost switch. That makes a huge difference to the tone. I am also seriously impressed with the varied harmonic nuances heard in that video. So, let’s look at what’s in the pedal. What makes this thing sound like it does?

  • True bypass
  • Bright-Even switch
  • Boost/Standard switch
  • Volume, Tone and Mid Behavior knobs
  • Gain knob

As an Australian, I just wish it had a Mid Behaviour knob and not a Mid Behavior knob. But I’m sure if it did, it would work the same way.

On the previous version of my website this pedal would have worked a treat as it’s all greyscale. Even with the introduction of colour to this website, this pedal is a perfect fir. It’s a worthy second addition to this year’s series. I’d be stoked to own the Sovereign. Maybe I’ll pick one up when I’m in Los Angeles for NAMM soon. It could happen.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar pedal. I have not experienced first-hand the sound or effects of this guitar pedal. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

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