52 pedals, week 14—Vox V8 Distortion

I’m only 14 weeks into my current 52 Pedals series and already I have a predictable theme going on—Distortion. Maybe that’s because I like heavy metal. Maybe it’s because distortion is my favourite kind of guitar noise. Whatever the case, I simply don’t care. It’s a theme I have going these days. If I like something, I like it unapologetically. It’s probably a bit like people who say “To Hell with fuel prices! To Hell with the economy! I want a V8 engine!”

For those people and me, it’s likely that the Vox V8 Distortion is a perfect fit. I wonder if it’s an automatic or a manual?

One feature the V8 Distortion has that I love is the 12AX7 tube that sits in the middle of the pedal. That’s just freaky cool! All of the Tone Garage pedals from Vox seem to feature a valve or tube (depending on your preferred terminology). You can see and hear the suite in this video.

The last pedal in that video is the V8 Distortion. It sounds pretty awesome to me. And it’s basic without being too simple. The controls for example are:

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Bass
  • Gain
  • Mid Shift (switch)

The pedal can be battery powered or it can be mains powered. Speaking of batteries, this pedal uses AA batteries (6) and not the standard 9v battery. The tube/valve does use some of the power by the way. but look at it. It’s awesome.

If you didn’t pick it up in the video above, the pedal seems to sound awesome as well. More examples for your viewing/listening …

Too much video evidence. Too much writing. It’s a cool pedal. It’s list-worthy. I care not for my lack of Vox V8 Distortion ownership. I should work on that.

Disclaimer: I’ve not played this guitar pedal. I have not experienced first-hand the sound or effects of this guitar pedal. That doesn’t matter. It looks awesome, it’s obviously played by winners and I want one.

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