Dialtone Pickups NAMM coverage

There has been some really good video coverage from the Summer NAMM recently and I was really happy to see people like Premier Guitar and Shnobel covering the innovative Dialtone Pickups. In other Dialtone Pickups news, they’ve received their metal casings for the first batch of pickups (see image below). The metal casings look awesome. Mine will be in there too I imagine, so I’m excited! Dialtone Pickups NAMM coverage

Six scary questions—Dialtone Pickups

The six scary questions series continues with these new questions and answers that the awesome people at Dialtone Pickups agreed to make happen. Well, I made the questions happen. They made the answers happen. You know how these things work. Perhaps what you don’t know is who Dialtone Pickups is? Perhaps you don’t know what they have on offer? Perhaps you don’t know how six scary questions equates to seven questions. Many of these questions will be answered below. Enjoy the learning.

You’re welcome. Six scary questions—Dialtone Pickups