My top 10 metal versions of pop songs

Have you ever heard a popular song and thought “I don’t mind that at all! Pity it isn’t heavy metal.” I’ve had that thought plenty of times over the years. Oh, I should point out that I only hear pop songs through friends and family.

Street cred retained.

Luckily for us all, there are plenty of rock and/or metal bands who have re-recorded some of the most popular pop songs (pop pop songs?!) and I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you. Enjoy! My top 10 metal versions of pop songs

40 metal video clips from the 80s

I currently have two teenage children. Therefore I get to listen to my fair share of currently popular music. Recently this has led me to believe that the music from my teenage years was far superior to the music of today. To prove my point I decided to post links on Twitter to 40 video clips from my teenage years (1983-1989).

When I put the clips together I did have a few moments of doubt. Especially when I focused on the quality of the video clips over the quality of the music. Was the music I listened to in the 80s superior to the music of today? Was music just better in the 80s? Generally … No. But I listen to heavy metal. And heavy metal has always been better than everything else. 40 metal video clips from the 80s