Review: GuitarJack

Another interface I used for the testing of guitar emulators in my recent test of 11 iPhone guitar emulators was GuitarJack by Sonoma Wire Works. I was doing my testing using the GuitarJack Model 1 for the following reasons:

  • It was on sale when I purchased it (reduced to $49.00 USD)
  • It connects to my iPhone 3GS
  • I wanted it.

From what I’ve seen and read, GuitarJack Model 2 is way cooler (as are the iPhone 4GS and the iPad). But I can’t write about that other than to say “I want all of those things!”

But let’s learn more about my experiences with GuitarJack Model 1 and the 11 apps I tested it with. Review: GuitarJack

AmpKit and GuitarJack—Better Than Me

Sometimes a Blog title just works for more than one simple reason. Luckily for me, this is one of those instances. One reason, is that the technology that I am lucky enough to have at my disposal—AmpKit for recording and GuitarJack for connecting—is better than me. The technology is almost flawless. My guitar playing skills are not. Another reason the title of this article works is that I’m writing about how AmpKit and GuitarJack allowed me to record a song I wrote titled Better Than Me.

The rest of the article goes downhill from here. Sorry about that. AmpKit and GuitarJack—Better Than Me