Fender Squire Telecaster SSH White

I realised recently that I hadn’t written about anything I actually own in a while. Not that I write a lot about anything, but the majority of articles are always “Oooh, this would be nice!” Actually, most of my articles will always be like that because there’s always going to be more that I like than I own. In a way, this article will become that kind of article as well. Why? Well I have a Fender Squire Telecaster SSH (white), but I’m considering modifying it slightly. Let me explain how and why. Fender Squire Telecaster SSH White

52 Guitars, week 13—Squier J5 Telecaster

Right when I’m getting ready to post about the next guitar I’ll add to my wishlist, I stumble across a devastating story involving a break-in at John 5’s house. I can only imagine the emotion involved when someone steals quality, high-end equipment like John 5 has. Me, I’d be over the moon if I owned his very affordable John 5 Squier Telecaster signature model. I hope to get it one day. I hope John 5 gets his stolen higher quality gear back before that. 52 Guitars, week 13—Squier J5 Telecaster